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Inspiration is only a Birdsong away. Know what to say but don’t know how to say it; whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, baby shower, pastor appreciation, birthday, major holiday, prayer, scripture, pet writing, funeral, Jewish Feast or Just because; Say it with love in a custom writing from Anointed Gifts & Services. Tell us and we will create it specifically for you. Choose from a variety of inspirational designs including books, book marks, tote bags, home décor, custom or Non custom individual greeting cards, and mugs, custom, prayer, Psalms and altar and scripture pillows amongst other designs. They make perfect gifts for any holiday or occasion.

Anointed Gifts Inspirational Custom Gifts and Writings represent every person who has ever been in love, cried, laughed, had their heart broken, been away from their love ones, been sick, made a recovery, dreamed, reached a goal, felt like quitting but didn’t, did quit but had the will to try again, a family bond, who didn’t want to forgive; yet, they found a way to do so, was angry but overcame their anger with a smile, had courage to make a difference, to take a stand, to reach for the sky and to believe that all things are possible.  ANOINTED INSPIRATIONAL CUSTOM GIFTS AND WRITINGS WILL INSPIRE THE WORLD.

Anointed Gifts and Services is a privately owned Limited Liability Company and internet business operating @www.anointedgifts.net  that specializes in personal, inspirational, Christian and custom writings & gifts for all occasions including Jewish Feasts.  Anointed Gifts & Services offers a variety of products and services that are heartfelt and uplifting. Our products bring people closer together.

The purpose of Anointed Gifts & Services is to inspire the nation by sharing God’s love with the world by feeding the hungry, visiting the sick, clothing the naked and helping the poor. There is no greater gift than the gift of love.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 In order to further the work of the Kingdom of God, a percentage of sales are donated to outreach ministries, churches and those in need.  Anointed Gifts and Services is looking to partner with Outreach Ministries and organizations.

Anointed Gifts and Services mission is to offer employment on various levels from packaging products, to office administration, graphic design, marketing representatives, pillow makers and mission services.  

Anointed Gifts & Services was started in 2002 by Dale Birdsong after seeking God for His direction in providing for three sons; He gave her the scriptures, II Kings 4:1-7. In asking God, “What was her oil?” She was guided by the Holy Spirit to birth Anointed Gifts & Services. The company became a Limited Liability Company in 2006. Anointed Gifts & Services website is www.anointedgifts.net.  Dale Birdsong started the company on a part time basis while working in the field of Workers Compensation and raising three sons as a single mom.  After being laid off her corporate job in 2010 and while searching for full time employment, Dale began to explore marketing opportunities for Anointed Gifts & Services. 

Dale Birdsong was ordained as a licensed Minister in July of 2011 in Chatsworth, CA at Leaves of Healing Tabernacle in which she now serves as the head of the evangelism ministry under the leadership of Pastor Lorraine Coconato.                                          www.dalebirdsong.com

Rev. Dale Birdsong

Inspiration is only a Birdsong away.

 All writings are copy right protected under the author’s name through the LIbrary of Congress.  Permission must be obtained from the Author to copy.   

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